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General information about Incentra SA
Incentra SA is a purchasing organisation formed in 1967 and run as a cooperative. Operations are based on a degree of participation by the members themselves. Incentra administers approximately 55 purchasing agreements on behalf of its 35-40 members and affiliated members.

All agreements are with original manufacturers or suppliers of goods and services for the operation and maintenance of ships. Altogether, the members currently operate about 900 ships and rigs, as well as a new building portfolio of approx 20 vessels. Total turnover in the agreements is approx. NOK 1,4 bill.

Incentra SA has a board consisting of 4-6 persons. The working committee consists of 6 members, the HSEQ committee is manned as per required assistance, and the administration currently has 4 employees. There are two regular annual meetings for members and suppliers. These are the general assembly in April/May and a council meeting in August/September.

The task of Incentra’s working committee is to negotiate agreements on behalf of the members of the organisation. Each representative sit for a period of 3 years. The work load of this group varies, depending on number or negotiations, most meeting are on a digital platform. The HSEQ committee is to be a professional support in the administration’s work with quality assurance and audits.

The nature of Incentra’s organisation is dependent on members who are willing to contribute their services to the cooperative. Serving on the committees also provides a good knowledge of the way the organisation works and the content of the agreements. The benefits provided by the agreements Incentra SA has entered into with suppliers on behalf of its members are confidential and will therefore not be made available until membership has been confirmed. In general, the benefits of membership include advantageous framework agreements and a wide network. Incentra carries out quality assurance and HSE audits of Incentra’s suppliers.

The benefits of scale obtained through Incentra are many, not just related to the price structure of the agreements, but also through the diversity of agreements that are handled centrally. Incentra has a very stable membership with a high degree of loyalty to the organisation. The board has no desire to introduce passive members into the organisation and is therefore concerned to ensure that individual members should give something back to the cooperative. This is both to safeguard the operational form of the organisation and to bring fresh ideas. Prospective members will therefore be asked to confirm their willingness to put resources at the organisation’s disposal.